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How to publish on a custom domain



  • Calend Book

    We don't see this option anymore

  • Bart Eichhorn

    I don't have the option?

  • Pasquale

    I can't find this option too

  • Bruce Martin

    This option is not available anymore

  • Martin

    @converdy You need to update the help files when things change.

    No response to this not working/being available for 4 months+ 


    What's the story Converdy? What happened after such a promising start. People, your customers, deserve replies!!


    Will you publish an updated, tested and working version of this in the next 48 hours please?

  • Martin

    For all those other people struggling with this here's the solution:

    Once you've got your domain verified, simply head over to your funnel, click the top-right 'Save' button and follow it up with 'Publish'. With the pop-up, you can choose your domain (either a free '' domain) or a 'custom domain'. This has its own tab within the popup. Simply click the 'custom domain' option and select the domain from the list.


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